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Richard G. Ardoin: Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Get the justice you deserve if you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident. The negligence of another driver should not leave you with prolonged afflictions, grief and financial burden.

Understanding the Dangers of Speeding in Texas and Their Consequences

Most of us are guilty of speeding a time or two, but the dangers of speeding in Texas can have very serious consequences if you get caught.

Houston Lawyers for Distracted Drivers

Many states are cracking down on distracted driving and enacting laws to prevent it. The dangers of distracted driving are clearly noted, and campaigns have been launched around the country to bring these dangers to the awareness of drivers of all ages.

Practical Tips for Proper Motorcycle Safety

here's no denying the freedom you feel when you ride your motorcycle. A bike provides a riding experience that a four-wheeled vehicle simply cannot rival.

When a Family Law Attorney is Helpful

Family law attorneys handle legal disputes involving relationships among members of a family, including parents, wives, husbands, domestic partners and children. Although family laws vary from state to state, they all fit into several different categories.

A Brain Injury Lawyer Helps You Acquire Compensation for Dangerous Injuries

You might not understand how difficult life can be after a brain injury until you or a family member suffers from one. Memory issues, loss of coordination and other more serious issues can result from what might seem like a small injury.

An 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Will Look out for You

Large trucks drive millions of miles safely each year, often without incident. But if you or a family member has been the victim of an 18-wheeler accident, the result can be devastating.
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