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Attorney Ardoin understands that going through a divorce can be a very difficult time in one's life. Because of this, Mr. Ardoin works very hard to help couples keep all "costs" of divorce as low as possible; including the financial costs, emotional costs, and the costs of the effects of divorce on children. The bottom line is that if a couple can stay out of court and come to an amicable settlement agreement, then the "costs" of divorce will be minimal. The more time couples spend "fighting" only makes the process more "costly" for all involved.  That is why Attorney Ardoin advises his client to keep their ultimate goals in mind. 

What If Things Go South?

If negotiations take a turn for the worst, then Attorney Richard Ardoin will aggressively work to ensure that your interests are protected and that the absolute best possible agreement is reached. If Divorce Mediation is required prior to trial, then Attorney Ardoin will represent you during the proceedings. You can rest assured that if when you choose him as your attorney, then you have a very competent, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney on your side. Mr. Ardoin uses his knowledge of the Texas Family Laws to ensure that ALL of the necessary issues are discussed and resolved.

What If We have Kids?

If children are involved, the prevalent questions are normally:

  1. Where will the children live if Child Custody is contested?
  2. What are the standard visitation rights, and can they be amended?
  3. How much Child Support will the children receive?
Child CUSTODY Information Child SUPPORT information

Studies show that it is essential for children to know that they are not responsible for their parents' divorce. Kids learn much about life while watching their parents' divorce: how to treat the opposite sex, how to handle anger, how to compromise, how to handle disappointment, how to overcome diversity, how to forgive, how to make the best out of a bad situation. Kids will use their parents as role models and, later in life, whenever they face any problems with their own relationships, they will act just like they saw their mom or dad do.

The couple will each be required to take a parenting class and to file the original of the certificate of completion with the court. This is not really about parenting as much as it is about the effects of divorce on kids. We will provide a variety of acceptable classes so that a client can choose one with the most convenient date, time, and location.

Our Law Office is dedicated to making sure that you enter into the process of divorce with a piece of mind, and leave knowing that your lawyer worked diligently on your behalf. We are located near Clear Lake, and handle cases in Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, Matagorda County, and all surrounding areas of Texas.

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